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The Internet circa 2015 is a fiercely competitive place. The differences in outcomes between leading and following has never been greater. If you don't already have an internet and social media presence, one that is fine-tuned to the changing trends in the marketplace, then the time to take action is now. This is especially true for those who rely on the internet for sales or to generate leads. This could include schools, hotels, and transportation companies. 

PAO  designs and writes in such a way that it ranks highly in search engines, which increases visibility, clicks, and business.

PAO Content Management: With an open source JoomlaCMS you'll have the most feature-rich, robust method to ensure timely, accurate content on your site at all times.

PAO SEO: Whether your prospects come from around the globe or locally, here in SE Asia; our web design, carefully planned around solid search engine optimization techniques, will make a big difference in the number of visitors to your web site. This translates directly into greater exposure and more sales.

PAO and Social Media:  Pan-Asia was born on the cutting edge of this emerging trend and has the know-how to put social marketing to work for you.

PAO and email Marketing: Our expert email marketing strategies are cost-effective and offer you an excellent method to improve your loyalty and retention rates. And be sure to see our CRM section as we can have a web portal form populate a CRM database for you, then you can design and initiate an email marketing campaign based on the criteria of your choice.

Please see some of our solutions/success stories below.

  • Online Bookings for Hotels, Guesthouses & Property Managers


    You are the owner of a boutique hotel chain with 3 locations. Accepting online bookings is not an option, it is a necessity. With Joomres you can accept and process online payments, adjust the tariff for different room types, and sell additional services with the same bookings such as an airport transfer or a bottle of wine to be in the room upon arrival.

    Additionally, for property managers joomres can be used to showcase properties in great detail without necessarily using the online booking function.  The Jomres component is one of the most flexible on the market and can be integrated with a channel manger that includes around 40 channels including,,,, and a variety of others. The subscription is less than the other two on the market at this time in JAN of 2015.

    Check out the demo, can configure the same high end site for your property. 
    PMS: Property Mangement System.

    Channels listed below, more being added all the time.

  • eCommerce utilizing ECWID, an application that allows one to run multiple sites simultaneously

    Ecwid is an inexpensive application that includes both payment processing and the ability to run the "store" on multiple sites simultaneously but with only one "backend" to manage. For example, you sell mousetraps on your website but with the explosion of "social" sites, you would also like to open a Facebook store. Well, fear not because ECWID will run on both -- simultaneously.  ECWID is actually a widget that one runs in the content window. Thus, it is the same "store" on your website and FB store. ECWID is self-contained, all the settings, photos, price lists, etc. , are managed from the same site, one login.

    We have set up ecommerce sites with ECWID and they are much easier to manage than the traditional shopping cart sites that require advanced knowledge just to update. And since ECWID is a widget, the updates occur without your knowledge. There is a free version of ECWID for stores with less than 100 products and a reasonably priced paid version with many extras.

    We are also experienced in the open source shopping carts such as virtuemart, prestashop, etc, and we can integrate them with CMS systems and CRMs for inventory management, etc.

  • Social Marketing, SEO

    Social Media has had the same impact on the web as skype had on person-to-person communications.  Although the trends are obvious they have yet to fully take hold in Asia but it is clear that most businesses can't do without Social Media. From travel to Food & Beverage to entertainment, the trend is clear: those with a SMM presence outperform those who don't. There's no point in having an expensive website with flashy graphics if it is not complemented with FB/Twitter/Linkied-in connections. The world is shifting and many firms will survive or perish depending on how well and quickly they grasp this new reality.

    PAO can create from scratch a SEO/SMM profile, develop that profile, and write and execute a plan that will make your firm more visible to the SM publics, lay and professional.

    PAO will help you to set clearly definable goals:

    • Get more traffic to my website
    • Get new subscribers to my newsletter
    • Increase brand awareness
    • Make more sales of my product

    Before you start your social media campaign, you should have a traffic analytics program of some type installed on your website. This type of program will tell you what keyword phrases people typed to find your website during organic search, and what websites sent people to your site. It will also tell you how many people came to your website every day, what time they came, and even what geographical area they came from.

    Most people assume that social media begins and ends with  Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Those sites are a great start, but there are plenty of other sites you can use to increase your visibility online depending on what kind of business you run. Q&A sites like Quora are another subtle way to market your business, and Pinterest is a rising social media star that can do wonders for any brand regardless of the industry it’s in.

    Brand Building Goal

    To increase brand awareness, you need to be able to measure how often people are mentioning your brand name before you start the campaign, and after.

    Increase Sales Goal

    To get more sales of your product, you need to tweet links to it, post links on Facebook and Linkedin, and to include in those links some kind of special offer so that the increased sales will be trackable.

    Whether you are promoting an event, a restaurant or hotel, we can help you to tailor an SEO/SMM campaign that will allow you to achieve measurable results so that you can adjust to what works and eliminate what does not.

Business-driven Websites and Ecommerce