Data-driven, People-centric

Consulting services, online and offline.  Experience in frontier markets with little or no support from DMO/NTA.  

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I come from a Destination Management Company background, 20+ years' of experience including product development, people development (locals and internationals), project management, and a host of other responsibilities too numerous to mention.

Soft skills: problem-solving, communication, collaboration.

Areas of Hands-on Expertise

• Destination Management Planning / Destination Branding

• Human Resource Development / Capacity Building

• Marketing & Promotions / Viral Content / Online and Offline

• Product Development & Management

• Strategic Planning: Destination, firm-level, skills development

• Capacity Building & Development

• Travel Media & Content Creation

• Business Development: Online and Offline

• Pioneered 10-year Tour Guide Training Programs: German and Spanish

• B2B & B2C Contracting

• Social Media Marketing

• Supplier Contracting: Transportation, Hotels, Airlines, OTA platforms, etc. 


  • Data-Driven Tourism: I am a strong proponent of data-driven approaches in tourism, utilizing analytics to inform decision-making and enhance the performance of destination management companies. This strategic use of data science ensures tailored offerings, increased competitiveness, and heightened customer satisfaction. Data analytics are integrated into our Custom GPTs.
  • AI and GPT Integration: At the forefront of technological adoption, I am currently exploring the use of AI and ChatGPT to revolutionize SEO-friendly content creation and social media strategies. This initiative is aimed at appealing to both B2C and B2B markets, showcasing my commitment to leveraging disruptive technologies in tourism marketing and operations. I currently have published Custom GPTs that are empowered with curated knowledge bases that deliver best in class solutions including automating tasks, boosting creativity, and improving outcomes.
  • Specialized Knowledge: Extensive knowledge in tourism destination development, travel product development, operations and people development, marketing, and startup scaling. I have a history of creating solutions that have a positive impact coupled with a deep understanding of local culture and context alongside analysis of data and evidence.
  • Digital Transition/Transformation: At the individual level it is important to impart skills and analytical frameworks so that more people can contribute and participate. At the firm level one can leverage the online platforms, utilize social media for engagement, and offer personalized experiences. These factors are essential for staying competitive in an increasingly digital world.

Embarking on a New Era of Tourism Development:

Join me as we navigate the evolving landscape of tourism, harnessing the power of technology and innovation to create unparalleled experiences and sustainable growth in the tourism sector.


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